What Makes us different

We are provided theoretical & practical based theraipes.

We are provided 100% result oriented therapy.

All therapies contents are research oriented.

All citizen we are provided hearing test & hearing aid in minimum amount.

99% Succession rate in speech disorder cure.

Therapy Content have been developed from own experiences.

Who can do Stammering cure therapy?

When someone to make involuntary stops, repetitions, problem with the normal fluency and flow of speech .Occurs with muscle tightening or visible struggling to speak that is fluency disorder.

Who can do Speech Therapy?

When someone can not produce speech sound correctly or fluently or has a voice problem that is a speech disorder.

Who can do Language Therapy?

When someone has trouble understanding other people or explaining thoughts,ideas and felling that is language disorder.

Our Best Services

Our Motto is to provide the customers with full satisfaction & for that we provide our expertise services in following

Stammering cure therapy (Fluency Disorder)

Speech Therapy (Articulation Disorder)

Autisum & ADHD therapy (Language Disorder)

Aphasia therapy (Language Disorder)

Cleft palate therapy (Voice Disorder)

Hearing Test by audiometer

Hearing aid


Happy Clients & Feedbacks


Hello, I am Sanap Ashok B, Founder President of Stammering Cure and Research Centre. I am really very happy to have a heart to heart communication with you via this website. I specially thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awareness to overcome stammering and the interest shown towards this Centre. Read this website to remove wrong ideas and to get correct, factual and practical information about stammering and its cure.

After visit this website, your life is going to change.

This is not a professional website rather it is a heart-to-heart life-saving communication with me, SANAP ASHOK B, who also has been ignored, uncared for and under-estimated just like you because of severe stammering for over 22 years. I have tried everything everywhere to cure my stammering and failed, but did not give up. Ultimately, I decided to change things for myself and won the battle against stammering with my own efforts. Finaly I am 100% stammer free.

Are You Depressed, Tensed, Frustrated and Have Lost All Hope In Life Due To Stammering?

Don’t worry! Stammering is not a disease, neither is it by birth nor is it any physical defect. It is purely a psychological and bad habitual problem which is easily curable in just 1 week by SANAP ASHOK B. Unbelievable but true. Over the past few years, lots of people have cured their stammering under my guidance by joining our course. If they can get cured, why not you? No matter how severe or how old the stammering problem, I have the expertise to help you become a fluent and stammering-free speaker. Once you join this course, there is no power on Earth that can stop you from speaking